Terms & Conditions


The Client: The customer using the product/servise of Gamut Infosystems Limited..

Gamut Infosystems Limited:

ERP Vendor


Gamut Infosystems Limited will commence work once an agreement is done. Gamut Infosystems Limited will provide service for customers 18 years of age or above. Our clarification of an ‘order’ or ‘service’ is a written contract between Gamut Infosystems Limited and our customer.


Any additional service reserve the right for additional fees.

The customer agrees to provide all materials necessary for the completion of implemantation as mentioned in the agreement.

50% payment in deposit is required before any work is initiated.

Once the installation is done and ERP is functioning all agreed payment is required. This is without exception, if the client decides they don’t want the service, as the work is completed by Gamut Infosystems Limited full balance will still need to be paid for the finished project. If the client fails to uphold this, legal action will be taken if necessary.